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love the bubbles...

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the fifth show...

More than 100 people have listened to last weeks show.

Thanks for listening!
Say something, will ya?

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re: the fourth show

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this was supposed to go up a few days ago...

This sign was up in the lobby of my building on Sunday morning.
I have to disagree with the writer.
ONLY those who have not paid for something, have business stealing it.

Friday, May 9, 2008

hardest job in the world...

The smallchild and I like to have pizza once a week. I hope ,someday, she will grow out of this, but she really likes Dominos. She won't even talk about some other pizza showing up at the house.

Making pizza at Dominos has to be one of the hardest jobs in the world.
Check this out:

This showed up in place of smallchild's small cheese.
Notice there is no cheese on it, thereby making it a small.
I called the Dominos store and was going to explain my situation, when the manager interrupted me with, "You got a sauce pizza, didn't you?"
I said, "Well, I have a disk of dough with some sauce on it. I'm not entirely sure what I have could be counted as a pizza."
"Ha, ha.", she said.

So, either someone ASKED for a disk of dough with some sauce on it and our orders got swapped, or, someone making the pizza forgot to put cheese on our pizza.
I'm not sure which of those options is more unbelievable.

Thankfully a delivery dude showed up in 45 minutes with a replacement pizza. He also was kind enough to give me a coupon for a free 2 liter bottle of Coke for my troubles.
On top of it all, he graciously allowed me to keep the disk of dough with some sauce on it, even though I was trying to give it back.

new theme musics...

Which do you prefer?

Listen over here, then make your thoughts known over there>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Prodigy musics
NIN musics
Cut Copy musics
+44 musics

Renee' has said she is somewhere between Prodigy and Cut Copy.
Which one do you like?

new discussion forum...


Please feel free to go to:

Swarveyland Google Group

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There you can discuss anything that happens either in the strict confines of swarveyland or in the swarveyland annex BlogTalkRadio.

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re: show the third

There were some technical difficulties that completely threw me off.
Out of all the three shows that we have done, I do not think this is the best one of them.
Also, I moved off Skype, because it kept dropping me, but, Skype had better sound quality. I'm all too quiet and stuff.

Generally I am not feeling positive about the entire process right now.

Try to enjoy anyway:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

re: second show

The hour goes by too fast.
Next week will probably be 1.5 hours.


no, no, no...

The silence is not deafening.
Actually, it might be deafening, but for the opposite reason than you might think.
I haven't reviewed the game, because I haven't had time to review the game, because I've been PLAYING the game.
I played it all evening Tuesday, slept, then played it all day on Wednesday.
Most people in this circumstance would say, I LITERALLY played it all day Wednesday. In this case it would almost be accurate, too. However, I took the garbage/dog out. I ate lunch at Wendy's and then in the evening went with Jenn to get a burrito.
So, I did not LITERALLY play all day on Wednesday, but it was close.

There are things wrong with the game.
The driving model is crap and it will take a lot for me to get used to it. You'd think, with a name like Grand Theft Auto, the Auto part would take the lead. The driving feels much more secondary this time around.
Your characters face is dirty looking because he always needs a shave. He is, I believe the word is, grizzled. I've never said this before, but I'm going to say it now. I'd like to shave him.
The music selection is not as good as it usually is in the series. You could file this complaint under "minor" and I would be okay with it.
The shooting, dodging, cover, fist-fighting system is fairly deep and complex and I need more practice. This is only a bad thing because I still kind of suck at it, not because it is inherently faulted.

The big question will be, does the game live up to the hype? The answer is, it depends.
It depends on what you want from a game. If you want an out-of-the-box fun time or a game you could just casually pick up and enjoy, this is not the game for you. For that kind of enjoyment, I would definitely give Burnout Paradise the major edge.
I can totally foresee people picking GTA up for 15 minutes then coming away with the "What the hell was all that fuss about?" attitude. They would not be wrong, either. The beginning part of the game is more of a drag than anything.

Here is the other side, though. I just spent a lunch hour with three other people who have been playing the game. The entire hour was spent with different people recounting different things they have experienced and being excited about all of them. This was from people who have not gotten 20% deep into the game yet.
They talk about what happened like it really happened to them. They have specific emotional responses to the characters, both part of the game and on the fringes.
The game is like living a different life in a similar, though different, world.
Think of all the possibilities that present themselves to you every time you open your front door. Well, this game does not offer you the same level of possibilities as that, come on, it's just a game. Don't be stupid.
There are a hell of a lot of different, interesting things that can happen though. And people who play are excited about them. This is why it is the best game that has ever been created, even with its faults.
I'll put it into perspective.
In the game, you have a cell phone. You end up on the intrawebz fairly early in the game. You find a site that allows you to purchase new ringtones for your cell.
I don't have the level of phone yet that allows me to purchase new ringtones.
I am excited to get ringtones, for a phone I don't have yet, which does not really exist.
Also, I spent 1/2 hour watching a crappy little virtual television on my 42 inch RT screen.